Apogee Stage


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Takuu 1kk

Made in USA


Height 98 cm
Width 67 cm
Depth 7 cm
Bass driver Dual sandwich aluminium/mylar etched
Midrange ribbon – 3 segment Aluminium/Mylar (double-sided) on first model<br>
Later changed to 6 element etched Kapton in around 1991
Max Sound Level 107dB peak @ 4 meters using a 50 W amplifier in a 5.5 x 7.6 meter room.
Sensitivity @ 3m 86dB
Frequency response 40Hz (-3dB) to 25kHz
Suggested amp power 150W (4 ohm load)
Impedance nominal 3 ohms
Weight 25kg each
Finishes available Anthracite with Mahogany side cheeks or White piano lacquer with silver cheeks (additional charge)